Amica Bronte, Oakville
A series of exterior and interior renderings for Amica Bronte, a new retirement community in Oakville, Ontario
Amica Dundas Expansion, Dundas
Amica Dundas is currently undergoing the second phase of their retirement home construction. These renderings showcase the new residential wing.
Desktop Tower Fan
This desktop fan concept was developed during my internship at Shape Products. It's small enough that it can easily be placed on a desk or table at the office, providing a cool, refreshing breeze to its users.
Aevum - Emotion Technology
Terminally sick children experience much of their youth in hospital beds and spend most of their time away from friends and family. Some children who do not have adequate time with their parents are at risk of living a life feeling adrift, not connected in a positive manner that lends itself to productive behavior. Unfortunately, Parents canʼt always be with their children as itʼs impossible for them to work and support themselves and their family at home while attending to their child at the hospital 24/7. Aevum is an interactive display mechanism that provides a visual connection between all parties present during a sick childʼs care. Aevum is housed in the hospital ceiling, where it provides entertainment for the child and an observation system. Parents are able to observe and obtain piece of mind in knowing their child is in proper care. The device is activated using a gesture control system and swings down to the patient, giving him or her the ability to do their homework, have fun with digital games and activities, and communicate with loved ones. Doctors and nurses can also find use for the Aevum by using itʼs ability to display charts and other crucial medical information to parents and colleagues.
Stainless Steel Casting
This is a stainless steel casting designed for the new food court facade and feature skylight at Erin Mills Town Centre in Toronto, ON.
The Phenom was prepared for Psion Teklogix as part of a design competition hosted by Humber College. The Phenom was developed by myself and three other students. The sketches and renderings in this portfolio were produced by myself over the development of the device. The Phenom is a device developed for the management of data in environments deemed to be too tough for conventional devices to operate in. The Phenom was designed specifically for use by mail couriers of every kind; from UPS mail carrier to bike couriers. Whether they are accepting signatures for packages, or managing inventory, or using it as a GPS to find the next destination, the Phenom is designed to do it all.
The idea behind the Medipod was to develop a product that was portable and could be used in a variety of situations where a conventional first-aid kit may be inadequate or unsuitable to be used (ie. A warzone). The initial sketches presented here are from some early brain storming sessions, while sketch further down show the more refined product. The renders at the end of this section are representative of the final design presented to Bayer Material Science.
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