Square One Shopping Centre, Toronto
These renderings were prepared to show how our engineering solution would look in the shopping centre. Read Jones Christoffersen was responsible for engineering the structural system and the glass façade system. Our solution varied slightly from the original architectural vision, necessitating the creation of these images.
An interior rendering showing a concept for the lighting integrated with the ceiling.
An exterior view of the rotunda.
While this render is very similar to image above, it was created to show the environment from more of a two-point perspective. Two-point perspective is more often used in architecture than product design, so this was initially a challenge to setup correctly (especially since modo doesn't have an explicit method or making a two-point perspective shot.
This render was prepared for the client in response to concerns about how the Square One rotunda would look from their store, and how the steel column (see right of image) would impace their facade.
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